My uniform is clothes, most times. Naked, sometimes. A robe, when I'm feeling regal.

Whatever I am reading in any given moment, be it a book or a magazine or a blog, demands enough focus to shimmy its way on my Top Best Reads list. My literary appreciation defies favoritism. I am an admirer, instead, of words wherever I find them.

Words delight me, always, and so I take great satisfaction in music that expresses literary sublimity, tells stories, paints pictures. I enjoy musical theater, hip-hop, jazz, gospel, rock and roll,...pretty much, whatever expresses the genius that I admire. The music that inspires me most, when I write, is the tinkling of the keys as I type, the rhythm of it, calling the words out from me. The more I type, the more the words flow; the more I give to it, the more it gives to me.

Right now there are three books on my nightstand: The Qu'ranThe Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan and Meditation & Self-Unfoldment by Swami Premananda. There is a business card (my own, but scribbled on the back is the email address of a writer I admire), an array of eyeglasses, my personal mission statement, a bottle of beer (half-full), a painting of Frida Kahlo, deodorant and an almost finished tube of delicious-smelling oil, Frankincense & Myrrh. 

In my bag I keep a slew of crumpled papers, collected since the start of my summer program, are compacted in the bottom of my bag. On top of that heap, I crammed in a laptop, an agenda notebook and a journal. If you were brave and felt the urge to shove a hand in the front pocket, you'd find gum naked from the wrapper, pencils with sharp tips and chewed erasers, sticky notes full of scribbled letters (all of them ideas), and more crumpled papers. 

On my walls there are two vision boards, because the dreaming is ceaseless, and a fan woven by a Gullah woman I met while traveling the Sea Islands of South Carolina. My father is a musician so there is a framed piece of blues-men blowing their horns. There is a beautiful tapestry, a gift from my girlfriend's sister, with a tropical blue sea and palm tree swaying, painted by the hand of a Haitian artist. Also, a lovely dream-catcher dangles from the wall, right above the bed. 

I enjoy the parks, in Baltimore, a lot. Carroll Park. Lake Montebello. Druid Hill Park. Clifton Park. Patterson Park. We also have Patapsco Valley State Park.