My family, my friends, Google, Facebook & YouTube, theater, film, photography and architecture are my essentials. LOL. 

I'm most comfortable in khaki cargo pants with multiple pockets - cause I'm always carrying a lot of stuff, Hawaiian shirts - cause the colors cheer me, my t-shirt collection of memories, my baseball cap that says "Writer"... as a reminder. 

My essential books, magazines, blogs...

Baldwin, August Wilson, theater & film books; tons of other books, biographies, non-fiction - especially black gay fiction, photography, poetry. Swerv, Port of Harlem, American Theater, film mags, Sondheim Review, Backstage, Black Masks, Interior Design and fashion mags I can't afford and must read in the store. LOL. My blog essentials are from Dale Shields, Shadow and Act, L. Michael Gipson, Ronald King, Son of Baldwin, Jacqueline E. Lawton,, Andre Allen, Russell Jefferson and the Urban Playwrights site. 

I'm currently listening to Sondheim, Jazz, Hamilton & other theater/film soundtracks, Dinah Washington, Johnny Hartman, Nancy Wilson, Aretha, Patti, Billie, Luther, Audra, Sweet Honey, Stevie, Fletcher Henderson, Miss Ross... classic R&B - too much to name. 

My nightstand is pretty boring. There are glasses, remotes, tissues, a cell phone, a landline phone, magazines and something to drink. 

I keep waaay too much in my bag! Metro Smartrip card, wallet, keys, iPod classic and headphones, cell phone & charger, business cards, Altoids, condoms (hope springs eternal) small notebook & pens, eyeglasses and case, flash drives, camera, bottle of Mountain Dew (I know - poison), calendar, address book, stamps, draft script on which I'm working, folding umbrella, collapsible shopping bag, toiletries (wet wipes and hand sanitizer, toilet seat covers, mini Lysol spray, lotion, Tylenol, Band-aids, Kleenex and sedatives), a battery-powered fan - in case I get stuck on a METRO train (I'm claustrophobic), pepper spray (I'm scared of dogs), double-A batteries, spare earbuds, Kindle Fire (until I lost it), sun glasses.  

On my wall I have photos of family and friends. I have iconic framed posters: a nude, black & white of Dudley Williams of Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, a Joe Eula poster of The Supremes, an original Broadway poster of Stephen Sondheim's Follies by Robert Byrd, a framed After Dark magazine cover featuring Labelle... collage of black male erotica... for artistic inspiration, of course.  

My favorite DC locations... every DC public library I can get to, Krispy Kreme, all of the Smithsonian museums, local theater companies, all the movie theaters, but mostly E Street Cinema, AFI and Gallery Place, new & used bookstores (I REALLY miss Lambda Rising, Borders, Karibu, etc.), Best Buy/Target/Container Store/Sharper Image/Marshall's/Bed Bath & Beyond, whatever street festival is happening, Screen on the Green, The Kennedy Center, The DC Center.