My uniform is whatever is comfy. As soon as I get in the house, into my zone, all outside clothes come off and house clothes are promptly donned. I just like to be comfy, so whatever pants I've worn over and over in the house is most likely what I'll sink into my writing with. Shirt optional lol, I'm in the house, so what! 

I'm reading the general teachings of Yogananda, the Good Book, and Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

On my nightstand I have candles, water, a lighter, my phone, a plant and speakers. 

In my pockets I keep my wallet, a key card, my Smartrip card, some clear quartz. I keep keys draped around my neck, latch-key kid style. 

On my walls are old concert posters, my artwork, a massive plywood slab for everyone to paint on, The CooLots show bills. 

I'm from Petworth and reside in Riggs Park currently. Uptown!!!