The 4208 Group is now casting for a 10-minute film for a Master's Thesis. All roles will be paid. 

Shoot dates are October 20 & 21 in Washington, DC. Actors must have full availability from early morning (6am) to night (11pm) on both days. 

Please send photo, resume and link to a reel or clip to, Subject Line: Making & Breaking Submission. 

Please check out past work from The 4208 Group to get a feel for our aesthetic:

Film & Cast Description: 
Making & Breaking is a 10-minute film about the beginning and end of a relationship, told through the subconscious of the main character, Leesha. There is no dialogue in the film, so the visual expression is highly important. The main actors, Leesha & Rashad should have the kind of chemistry that really pulls in an audience, so we are open to casting people who have worked together and know their chemistry is strong.   

Leesha: Black woman, early 30s, writer, urban hipster type
Rashad: Black man, early 30s, finance professional, sharp and clean-cut
Gym Girl: Black woman, fit and in shape
Attractive Man: Black man, attractive