4208 Media


4208 Media


4208 Media is comprised of our Film, Web and Podcast Departments. Our goal is to, independently, produce work that focuses on unique storytelling, engages audiences in thought-provoking dialogue, and shares a fresh perspective of life on the fringe.

Our role on a few projects, is outlined below. Additional projects and upcoming opportunities can be found on our 'Now Playing' page.


Write tea

Category: Podcast
Date: Season 2July 1, 2016
Our Role: Producers, Host
Cast: DC Area Writers
Status: In Production


Write Tea is a podcast, hosted by Rahima R. Rice, that highlights writers in the Washington, DC area. Our goal is to expose our listeners to the writing process, through a wide array of talented writers at the height of their craft. 

A 3 Star movement

Category: Docu-Series
Date: 2015
Our Role: Executive Producers
Featured Artist: David Ibata
Status: Now Playing on YouTube


A 3 Star Movement is our annual docu-series, showcasing DC artists, in their own words. We get up close and personal on the artists craft and their journey to success.

ROOM 513

Category: Web Series
Date: 2016
Our Role: Executive Producers
Cast: Various Actors
Status: Premieres June 18, 2017


Room 513 is a seven episode web series about the people staying in a particular room at one of the premier hotels in Washington, DC. With each episode we meet a new character and are shown a provocative slice of their life.


4208 Players

4208 Players

Artists In Action

4208 Players is the in-house performance troupe of The 4208 Group. The troupe of actors are featured in our films, web programs and stage productions. They are also, often, the subjects used in photography collections, through our 4208 Visuals Division.