Dear Readers,

A few months into the creation and launch of The 4208 Group website, and we’re having a major re-launch. Why so soon, or at all? Sometimes change is necessary, especially in business and when the brain of my low-key, behind-the-scenes, business partner bursts with new visions on a daily basis, change is bound to happen. This is the beauty of collaboration and partnership. He’s a tech guy and I’m an artsy gal. Together we’ve created an awesome site that perfectly reflects The 4208 Group aesthetics, our next-level vision for the arts and entertainment industry, and our fresh approach to creativity......

Where I typically create pieces with the goal of it becoming this set in stone, finished product, my partner always reminds me that with change comes the opportunity to take something good and make it great. 

The overall layout of the website has been changed to one that moves seamlessly, as you scroll through our work. It’s pretty cool! All the images in the main headers were taken in-house, and give the site real authenticity.

I’m most excited about our new Managed Artists page. We recently signed our first client, a writer and actress namedLyrikk. She’s smart, cute, and talented on so many levels. Her big personality attracts everyone she meets. Lyrikk’s blog,Ideologically Promiscuous, is so spunky and I’m proud to see her gain new readers and fans every day.

I know you’re going to love the new site as much as I do and hope you continue to come back to see what’s new with The 4208 Group. 

Live Creatively,