This month's Write Tea guest proves the popular phrase "Age is just a number," to be very true. Alan Sharpe is a writer who grew up in St. Louis, in the 1950s. During that time, the resources available to artists - especially black artists - were very limited; so much so, that many of the acclaimed performing arts companies, organizations, and spaces were created during this time by pioneers in their field. As educational opportunities, access to information, and - most of all - technology, grew around the world, Alan and many of his artistic peers grew with them. This continuous growth allows for a generation of people that society deems "retirement age" to still be functioning members of their artistic community. 

Alan has had a lengthy writing career, with no plans of slowing down. I always find his energy and ability to produce an abundant amount of work, very impressive. His energy often makes me step up my own productivity. But, I also think his energy is a testament to an artists range, as more and more life matters stack up. I realize that at 37 I am in a mode of creative overdrive; an overdrive one would think is more conducive to someone in their 20s, with less life matters on their plate. But, I think in your 20s there exists this amount of euphoric belief about time. Time feels limitless in your 20s. Then, as you get older, you begin to feel like time is slipping away. So, I believe some of us tend to speed up in our 30s, trying to bank on the time we have left, to accomplish all we can before that time runs out. I also think that in your 20s you're still figuring out what independence truly means. There are still all these "adult" things you have a strong desire to experience, because you're finally at an age when you can experience them. Checking off those experiences is often in the forefront of your mind, and not so much, checking off career goals. 

What Alan Sharpe shows us, is we all have the ability to check off those career goals and add to the list, for as long as we continue to have the passion. 


Live creatively,