Rolling out new content is always very exciting. Exciting and nerve-racking. We always have a ton of ideas stirring in the pot, at The 4208 Group, and we try to be very careful in our selection of what we launch and when. We always want our audience to get our best work, but we always want to launch pieces at the right time.

The social climate in 2015, thus far, has been very rocky. The air is filled with confusion, sadness and disbelief over the violence and many injustices that have occurred in urban communities across the country. Everyone has something to say. Everyone has an opinion; from our most powerful thought leaders to average everyday citizens. So, it felt like the perfect time to advocate through art and expose our audience to artists who are pushing the boundaries of conventional creativity.

Our new podcast, Write Tea, is a monthly program, where we interview DC writers and discuss the writing process. Our first episode features HIPHOPMOMMA Princess Best, an MC and motivational speaker who advocates for the empowerment of women and girls. Talking with Princess was enlightening and fun. Our conversation ran the gamut, from social media overload to the importance of mother/daughter relationships. We knew having Princess be our first guest would be an exciting way to launch the show.

This month we’re also launching a docu-series called A 3 Star Movement. For a long time we’ve been trying to figure out the best way to visually showcase DC artists, while keeping to the aesthetics of our brand. For our first episode I believe we found an artist who meshed those needs perfectly. David Ibata is quite the phenomenon in DC’s art world. He’s young, educated, enormously talented...and very tall. LOL. The work he does as a copyist at The National Gallery of Art is quite controversial, but superbly eye opening. I think you’ll be very impressed with the piece we’ve created for him.

As always, we’re super excited about these new projects and equally glad you’ve stuck with us on our journey. We have so much more in store, so stay tuned.