Valentine's Day holds a different meaning for us all. Some have planned super romantic dates and some are spending this bittersweet holiday alone. If you're just not sure what you're doing today, our Valentine's Day movie guide maybe the answer to your situation.

Situation: The Guy Who’s Been Put In The Friend Zone
Movie: Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Why: because if you’re trying to get your female BFF to see that you’re the one, this might be that gamechanger you need
Story: Breakfast At Tiffany’s is the classic story of Holly Golightly, a 20-something New York party girl on the hunt for Mr. Right. But, when she finds him in the form of struggling writer Paul Varjak, his sweet, protective nature and All-American good looks aren’t enough to win over gold digging Holly. The simplicity of loving someone so simple is scary for her, so she pushes him into the friend zone. But, it turns out to be the best place for Paul to be. As Holly’s friend, she grows to love the side of him that allows her to just be herself. 

Situation: Making A Play For ‘The One’ That Got Away
Movie: Love Jones
Why: because there’s always that one who got away and you might just get another shot
Story: I wouldn’t necessarily suggest knocking people down in a train station as you run to catch the one that got away. But when Darius (Larenz Tate) toppled over people to get to Nina (Nia Long), Love Jones was quickly locked-in romance movie history. Not only is it one of the best Chicago movies ever seen, but it’s through and through perfection, from the stylish filmmaking to the groovy soundtrack. Pick up some pointers from this 90s classic, so the one that got away can become your one that sticks for good.

Situation: When Timing Isn’t A Major Factor
Movie: When Harry Met Sally & A Lot Like Love
Why: because it shows the payoff for real patience and persistence
Story: Timing… can be that annoying circumstantial wrench in the game that will have you holding on to hope for years. Fear not, you’re not alone and two romance faves always serve as the standard for optimism. When Harry Met Sally shows us that it sometimes takes a fully transparent friendship and a decade worth of arguments and laughs to see the true nature of your relationship. And climaxing over sandwiches helps too. :) Similarly, A Lot Like Love shows us that if you just continue to keep in touch over the years, one of those years you’ll both be single, living in the same city and ready for a relationship. 

Situation: Single Mom Who’s Lost All Hope
Movie: The Goodbye Girl
Why: because it’s a timeless love story that most will relate to
Story: Somehow, year after year, you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, only receiving something sweet from the most important person in your life: your child. Though motherhood is a very rewarding experience, single motherhood comes with some blues. You meet a guy, he loves you and only likes your kid, a little. You meet a guy, he loves your kid, but thinks you’re a bit of a mess. All you want is someone who’ll stick. Paula McFadden found herself wanting this very thing when Elliot Garfield rudely burst into her life, in Neil Simon’s classic, The Goodbye Girl. He was the most unlikely choice in a mate. A struggling actor starring in an off-Broadway flop. But, Elliot loved Paula, he loved her kid and just when she thought he was like all her other past loves, he showed her he was sticking for good.

Situation: Finding Love In Unexpected Places
Movie: Kissing Jessica Stein
Why: because this cute comedy shows what happens when people open themselves up to the unexpected
Story: Kissing Jessica Stein was a sleeper hit in 2002 for a very good reason. In the age of Sex & The City, where it seemed that all a woman wanted and needed was a man, this cute comedy, written by and starring Jennifer Westfeldt, takes a different approach. It shows what happens when a modern woman decides to stop trolling the Women Seeking Men ads and opens herself up to the Women Seeking Women section. Sometimes looking for love in an unexpected place is exactly what you need to open your eyes and your heart.

Situation: Unconventional Love
Movie: Her
Why: because this film will make you smile, break your heart and diminish the shame you’ve been harboring over deep conversations with your phone. :)
Story: The joy of turning on cable, lately, has been stumbling upon Her. Set in the near future, our connection to technology looks vastly different from the futuristic movies we grew up on. There’s no war and famine. No gloom and doom. And we aren’t wearing awful grey rags. Well, all the men do wear these high waisted tweed pants, but even that simply takes on the air of a reboot of a retro fashion trend. The future is bright and sunny and we’re able to find love, romance and genuine friendship with our machines. Spike Jonze was well deserving of the Oscar and Golden Globe for best original screenplay, as this is one of the most beautiful depictions of the heart’s journey.