Dear Readers,

This month we are closing out our Write Tea podcast, in its current form. At some point, in the future, we may bring back the interview show so many of you have grown to love. But, as I head into an MFA program at Lesley University, I am realizing I need to give my full attention to my graduate studies. 

Write Tea grew from a need to do more with this awesome bit of equipment we had recently purchased. My partner and I bought a Yeti mic for voice over work, for a client project we were working on. We loved the mid capabilities and sound quality so much, that when the project was over we brainstormed on ways to use it more. In keeping with 4208's commitment to highlight the work of local talent, we came up with the Write Tea concept: A podcast where we posed a set of Proustian style questions to local writers, about their writing process. And later we added The W-List, which lists the guest writer's essentials, in their own words. After 10 amazing episodes we are very proud of what we were able to accomplish and what we were able to present to artistic communities, near and far. 

Our episode 10 guest, SolSis Dappho, is sort of a Jane-of-all-trades. She a songwriter and poet, plays music, paints, hosts events and works with youth. And like many of our Write Tea guests, she's a native who loves DC and being a DC artist. This is home in her heart and her art. 

So, as we transition this wonderful show and move on to new projects, please take some time to catch up on all the Write Tea episodes. 

I want to personally thank Princess Best, John Johnson, Chad Eric Smith, KaNikki Jakarta, Khadijah Moon, Monte J. Wolfe & Jared Shamberger, Alan Sharpe, Fred Joiner, Ashley Lee Williams, ans SolSis Dappho for being guests on Write Tea, in its inception. It was truly an honor and joy talking to you about your craft. 

And to you, our loyal fans, remember to read, write and drink tea. 

Live creatively,